My DOGgone Adventure

From the dog bed of Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer, the Miniature Schnauzer

Hello there, Daddy’s MARtians!

I am so sorry to have worried you all the other day, when my Daddy told you all that I was “lost.” I have to say, I really was never lost. I knew where I was the whole time! I mean, seriously! What’s a girl of leisure to do all day, if she can’t take a walk or do a little “shopping” or find a nice treat?

Since you were all so nice to care about me, I thought I ought to let you in on exactly what happened;

Anyone who knows me knows I live in beautiful Rosebrook Gardens. I love it here because it smells so nice. My friends and family always pet me and give me lots of love and attention. Best of all, they feed me, and if I’m a good girl, I get treats sometimes!

My house is next door to a very special person named Barbara. She is my Momma. I’ve been told she was afraid she might not have enough time for a dog of her own, so she shares me. I love my Momma, because she is nice, takes me for walks and loves to let me snuggle. I have everything I need at Rosebrook Gardens, and I have it all again at Momma’s house. (Aren’t I a sMARt girl? We Miniature Schnauzers are known for our cleverness, after all.)

On the “lost” day, I needed to go out. After Daddy opened the back door for me, I realized something important. I had not seen Momma in a little while. I missed her and felt like it was time for some petting. I also wanted some of those special Momma treats. Usually, my Daddy will take me to her house, but he was still inside. So, I trotted over myself (I certainly know the way, and best of all I never even have to cross a street to get there!)

First, I went to the back door. I waited for Momma to see me. When I didn’t hear her inside, I barked once or twice. (Being born in the South, I pride myself on being a lady, so I never make too much fuss at the door.) I tried to push my way in, but the door was latched tightly.

I had an idea: sometimes Momma sits near her front door. So, I ran around front. I barked again but didn’t hear anything. Maybe she couldn’t hear me? It was ruff. I thought: “Before I give up, let me get up on my hind legs and knock on the door.” Thankfully, this door was open just enough for my weight to swing it open, and I quickly pushed my way in. Then, the door swung shut and closed.

I happily ran through every room, looking forward to being greeted. But, no Momma. I was sad; she wasn’t home. “I’m going to wait for her,” I decided and pranced over to my bed, which is always waiting in her warm kitchen. I knew Momma wouldn’t mind, but I didn’t think about how Daddy would feel.

Daddy had begun calling to me, as I was nowhere to be found. He called me inside and out. He looked high and low. He even came over to Momma’s to see if I was lounging in the yard. After Daddy put out the Lost Dog posts on social media, he checked around some more. Finally, he thought to look through Momma’s windows, and that is where Daddy found me. Safe and sound, curled up in a ball on my bed fast asleep. He ran over to me and gave many, many kisses and I noticed there were tears of joy in his eyes. I’m his baby for sure, and I realized that maybe next time I should bark a little more to tell my Daddy I have gone for a visit.

“Truth be told” (as Daddy says), I was not far and not lost, after all, I’m a good girl. Thank you all for the many wonderful posts and shares when you heard I was missing, as I know my Daddy was truly worried. Thank goodness for y’all and our neighbors for your kindness during my adventure! Now that that’s done, is it my dinnertime yet?