Movin’ On Up

I love this classic moving photo I found on the internet. Could you just imagine? This brings a whole new meaning to “Movin’ on up.”

Truth be told, growing up I loved watching the hit CBS sitcom, The Jeffersons. I’m sure you, too, remember George and Louise Jefferson, an affluent couple who ‘moved on up’ to a “de-luxe apartment in the sky-y-y.”

The theme song, Movin’ On Up, by Jeff Barry and Ja’net DuBois still resonates with me today, and not one apartment or house move has gone by without me humming and singing this song. As a matter of fact, when I host my neighborhood tag sales my iPod is loaded with classic sitcom theme songs. Today it’s hard to find a new show with a great, memorable jingle; I think the last one that’s stuck with me was the theme from ‘The Nanny’ with Fran Drescher.

Moving has been on my mind this week, as I’ve been preparing and researching the business of relocating; it’s the topic of my segment tomorrow on WTNH’s Good Morning Connecticut. And rather than being on once in the 7 am hour, I’m scheduled for two live hits, in the 6 and 7 am hours. So you might say, I’m movin’ on up, there, too.

Ready for a sneak peek into my segment? Some of the tips I’ll discuss will be creating a project plan, my three tiers of moving, the importance of purging, and of course, making your pet comfortable during a move.

But nothing is more terrifying than the task of finding a reputable mover. (I love DIY as much as the next person, but I’ll never tell you to haul all your own stuff!) Hiring a mover with an established track record is key. Did you know your estimate should be binding and, by law, a mover cannot charge you 10% more than the original written estimate? Who knew? (Lot’s of folks, sadly.) Always hire a licensed company, check for insurance coverage and always ask a lot of questions. Be a detective by making sure you check government and independent resources “Ònot just the company’s fancy website. The great, reputable companies – and they’re out there – won’t mind a bit.

So my MARtians, I have no plans to move any time soon (thank goodness), but I do have plenty of great resources and tips about the subject that I’m delighted to share. Tune in tomorrow or set your DVR’s for details that are sure to “move” you.

Watch my segment now: