It’s Friday, and hello from Westchester, Pennsylvania, headquarters to QVC. This trip I asked Violet to join me. As we took a break from last night’s live show, she jumped on the bed to curl up by my side, as if to say “You did good daddy, really good.” Truth be told, she loves to cuddle and of course,award winning I’ll welcome the opportunity each and every time. She becomes my muse and I become her pillow. So I thought I might use this opportunity to gather my thoughts and write my blog.

Last night on QVC I featured Cottage Farms’ four-piece awarding winning Clematis collection. OMG, it was my favorite and best pick of the hour. The collection includes the Clematis Barbara, with stunning purplish pink 8″ blooms, and the Jerzy Popieluszco, a beautiful white Clematis that was named after a famous Poland priest. The others were the Lech Walesa, which has huge light violet flowers, and Solidarnosc, a deep red verity named for the independent trade union that brought the down communism in Poland and Europe. (Bet you didn’t know flowers were named for such noble things!) These award-winning European varieties are all re-bloomers, beginning in late spring and once again in August/September. These hardy flowers are a total home run in any garden, including vertical small garden spaces. (Can you tell I love them?) So I was excited when I was told I could take them home for my garden. I love this job!

Speaking of my garden, this week the Mercy Learning Center of Bridgeport asked me to be part of their new garden tour being held on May 29th. “Lord have mercy– that soon!” It’s a fantastic place; the Mercy Learning Center provides women critical training to help improve their skills and earning potential. These programs focus on empowering, and providing dignity, economic self-sufficiency and hope. I was proud to say yes.

Of course, this year’s garden tour will be like no other garden tour, as I have the new clematis to prove it. But there’s still lots to do! Mercy me!