“If you build it they will come” was the theme from the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams, in which an Iowa corn farmer hears voices to build a baseball diamond in his backyard cornfield. You know, from time to time people have accused me of hearing voices, and I’ll admit: I truly have at one point in my life. Hmm, what voices did I hear?

When I purchased Rosebrook Gardens in the summer of 1997 I, too, heard voices rattling in my head “buy me”, “work with me”, and “I need your help” were just a few of the voices that I remember. Truth be told, I knew the moment I set my eyes on the house I would make an offer. In spite of the house being painted “Pepto Bismol pink,” I told myself to turn back time and make it my own, with a classic style English Garden that would be the envy of the street.

This was no easy task, but I was up for the challenge and ready to push my skills to the next level. The house was built only in 1996, and it lacked harmony and connection to the old, charming neighborhood. I got right to work and started with the garden’s basic necessities, including fencing to define spaces and create privacy. That said, I discovered along the way that this humble lot once served as the vegetable garden for the entire neighborhood – back then all the surrounding homes benefited from the bountiful resources that came from the land. This could shed some light as to why things grow so well and lush today.

With the recent Open Days Program Garden tour now over, and the build-up media blitz completed, I somehow still feel hungry for more. Perhaps it was all the excitement I felt for the weeks prior, or the anticipation I felt as the first car full of visitors arrived and was directed by the police to the parking location. No, I know why: those memorable women who had tears in their eyes thanking me for the experience. Getting validation from hundreds of people who visited last Sunday was a memorable experience but it was those few ladies that touched my heart. The combination of the glorious weather that day, the MAR on-site team (Indie Lee, Dana, Geri), and Mother Nature, of course, all contributed to the splendor of this magical and uplifting day. Even Violet was on hand to meet and greet, as everyone knew her name.

For me, I was proud, my soul was touched, and although my feet were hurting and my tummy was hungry (we all skipped lunch) I could have continued doing this for hours. I introduced the gardens, told the story the land, and gave my secrets to my four-tier garden. I was on a high as it was a gift/pleasure to share my love and addiction to all things beautiful. Today my original promise to this property continues, as “Rosebrook Gardens” will always be a place to learn and discover my passion and love for the garden. To experience my home is to experience an inner part of my soul.

So if you build it they will come, and so they did, and thank goodness I hired that police officer to help direct parking! I guess it pays to listen to the voices. As visitors entered they were amazed and captivated by every last detail. Perhaps my garden and my passion will be a metaphorical voice whispering in your ear, encouraging you to play in Mother Nature? In the end, everyone took a little MARvelousness back home with them. MARvelousness: now that’s something new even for me.