MARtian Love

One of the best things about being a public figure is the people I meet along the journey of life. Nothing is more gratifying than the heartfelt “hello!” or message of support from those who proudly call themselves MARtians and follow my Casual Luxury brand and philosophy.

That said, my home has forever been my brand and platform to inform, inspire and create. And when the opportunity arises for garden tours, house tours or lectures I burst with delight to share my stories and my passion. Truth be told, my being and dedication is fueled by the endless support and love that comes from having my simple gifts. I treasure every moment, and each night I give thanks for the blessings and the good fortune that has been bestowed on me.

This week two Connecticut MARtians—Nancy & Alicia—visited Westport to join me for lunch at one of my favorite places, terrain, followed by a tour of Rosebrook Gardens and a sneak peek at my new kitchen designs (don’t worry, you’ll see them when that episode of my makeover show airs.) Paul was on hand, too. These ladies were no strangers to my property, as in 2008 (right after launching my first book  LIFE ON MAR’S: A Four Season Garden) they visited the house when I was part of a tour for the Near & Far Aid charity.

Nancy and Alicia personify graciousness, kindness and loveliness, as their support and acknowledgment of how my home has transformed was so touching. Yes, I have met many, many wonderful and delightful MARtians over my career, but this was different. As if we were all cut from the same cloth. We finished each other’s sentences, we appreciated the same things and could drill down on a detail while acknowledging the beauty and the efforts. They touched my heart deeply and I was delighted Paul was able to witness the magical moments we shared.

So this week’s blog is dedicated to them and all MARtians across the globe. Thank you all for the kindness and thoughtfulness you have all shown me over the years. Growing up I was told that I would never amount to anything–I believe the words were “least likely to succeed.” I say, the right words should have been “most likely to success in unique ways” as although my drive and my passion were not the cookie cutter skill sets of others, I have instead been able to leverage my uniqueness, talent and creativity.

Thank you Nancy & Alicia and all others for embracing me and the gifts that I have been blessed with—I promise I will make it my mission to never let you all down.