MARdians of the Galaxy

Life on Mar’s has truly taken a cinematic turn with the exciting revelation of our third Emmy-nomination! Shout out to Paul Mitchell, Christopher Panton, Lauren Bove, Eddie Nowicki, Mary Bishop, Meghan Russell, the O’Kanes and everyone who came together on both sides of the camera to make this show happen.

What more apropos timing could there be? The super thrilling sequel to “Guardians of the Galaxy” film is just out in theaters, and I’ve been waiting and waiting for this movie to come out with baited breath. I plan on going to one of the recently renovated and improved movie theaters near my home. There are two new cinemas in my area that feature big, comfy chairs and serve drinks (read: wine and beer) and food. What could be better?

And now for the dream sequence…cue the harp!

The night they announced my Emmy nomination, I lay in bed awake to excited to sleep. The Emmys! The Movies! The New Theaters! The Second Season of “Life on Mar’s!”

Naturally, I tossed and turned for quite awhile and when I did finally fall asleep, oh, what a ride it was. I had a vivid, action-packed dream that somehow my crew and I were the characters in the new ” Guardians of the Galaxy 2″ except it wasn’t an act – it was real! (or at least it felt real to me.) We were in peril! We were saving the day! We were lost in space! When I woke up one pillow was on the floor, I had the other one in my hands squeezing the feathers out of it, and the blankets were pushed down to the foot of my bed. But where was my sleeping buddy Violet? Not in her usual spot that is for sure. I got up and looked around to find Violet nearby, giving me a dirty look, not daring to snuggle until my sleep adventure was over at last.

So, with that thought burning in my mind, I made a date to see the movie. You know me well, MARtians. I never miss a chance for a party or a celebration. So, I’m off to the fancy new cinema tonight to see the sequel in style. I expect thrills, chills and laughs galore – and maybe another dream – this time about winning a big, beautiful, golden statue named Emmy¨

P.S. Can you spot who is who in my dream image? You should be able to recognize at least one or two of my production team members. If you find me, share with the hashtag #whereintheworldisMarJennings

Happy Friday and Keep it Casual!