Mar Moves Westport

Hello, my MARtians!

Well, 2018 was a huge success, perfectly encapsulated by my lovely Christmas card, designed by the amazing Susan Albright.

Just in time for the new year, I have commissioned a new rendering, with me, my car and an all-important checklist in hand. This charming drawing emphasizes my ability to design, renovate, stage and sell any home, in any town, from Westport to New York.  Of course, the image includes my fur babies: Violet and Daisy.  They say if you want to sell something, put a dog in the picture, so two dogs must be better than one! And Violet and Daisy aren’t just any canines – they are fully fledged Lifestyle Schnauzers, thank you very much.

Please keep your eyes open for a new ad campaign  – Mar Moves Westport. My team of Lifestyle Realtors can help with any and every aspect of real estate sales in Connecticut, New York and, coming soon, Palm Beach, FL!

Any guesses what’s on my checklist? This one includes a full page of items to think about just for listing your house. There are even more items for renovating or staging! Can’t think of 25 action items for your own list? Maybe you should call my Lifestyle Team to pitch in.  Who knows? We may come over with a puppy or two in tow. Call for advice and tips at any time. Team Mar and my Miniature Schnauzers are all standing by!