Mar Design Recap

From Drabulous to Fabulous: A Recap

My six core design principles are truly the cure for all design dilemmas.

These Casual Luxury principles did not come to me in a dream. I did not glean them from other designers. I came to these design principles through trial and error, my genetic predisposition, and intuition. I hope the results inspire  “MAR designs” that anyone can understand and apply.

Whether is in my books “Life on Mar’s: Creating Casual Luxury“ and “Life on Mar’s: A Four Season Garden”, in my home makeover show, during my MarSpeaks lectures or whenever I get the chance to meet folks and be creative — sharing MARvelous design knowledge is my passion. My design principles are elegant in their simplicity. You barely need two hands to remember them all. Memorize my six Casual Luxury principles, and you will be able to bring any space, any place, from drabulous to fabulous.

I won’t go into them each, but I can highlight one by saying that Mar Jennings designs are spaces that infuse Mother Nature’s colors and textures to create a unique Casual Luxury lifestyle. I think of it as having an open door policy with Mother Earth. My goal is to transform rooms into inviting, casual and attainable spaces that feel right — not uptight.

MAR designs and Casual Luxury principles have been featured on, “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show”, “White Room Challenge” and “Flea Market Flip,” the “Today Show,” “Better TV,” and on networks: ABC, NBC, HGTV, QVC, NY1 and FOX, to name a few. I use every resource at hand in order to share my design philosophy. From television, radio, print media and the Internet, including social media — these are all mediums for sharing what you need to create attainable Casual Luxury. 

Where can you find my Casual Luxury core design principles? My latest book, “Life on Mar’s: Creating Casual Luxury” explains each one, and how it applies to your life. You will also find my six core design principles in action on MARTV. Or, you can have me explain them to you live and in person at a local lecture. Better yet, book a MarSpeaks lecture yourself, and I will explain my philosophy to a whole bunch of you and boy will we have fun! Keep up with what is going on by following me on social media as I post examples of each principle, why it is important and how you can make it work for you — no matter your design dilemma!! 

Stay Tuned!