Makeover Countdown Confessional

Hello, my MARtians!

As we continue to add more to the already packed LIFE ON MAR’S The Home Makeover Show series, I’m delighted to share that the end reveal is coming soon. Yesterday we brought together the team to film the behind-the-scenes interviews, referred to as ‘confessionals’, where we talk about some of the highlights of the show.

Our first chapter of the home’s transformation will wrap-up by February 15th, and all of that content will then be shaped and edited. The inside makeover (new media room, kitchenette, and bathroom) provided so much great footage and information that we’ll be splitting it between two shows. Then another episode on the outside makeover (the rooftop deck, pergola, shutters, and landscaping.)

But there’s more! In two weeks we begin work on additional chapters of this transformation story. They include a master bedroom, new walk-in closet, and a dormer/patio renovation. Then renovations of three bathrooms and possibly a kitchen makeover (which will be huge.)

You can see I’ll be busy, no doubt, but doing what I love and loving what I do. That combination is my fuel, and knowing the results are rewarding for the family while improving their space for function and design–well that falls right in my sweet spot of Casual Luxury.

Team Mar is growing (both on the makeover project as well as my real estate team of professionals.) They even have to be prepared to be filmed, as my Director found out himself on Friday; Christopher moved to the front of the camera for his “÷confessional’. (And although he soon realized that it’s not that easy, he did a terrific job.)

So much energy, so much to do, and so much to share with you all, my MARtians. I’m counting down the weeks for the final reveal, and my confession? Your encouraging comments on social media make me most excited. Thank you!