Living Christmas

I’m so delighted that this year my holiday décor will be inspired by the wonderful terrain of Westport. Loving this store since the moment they opened, and loving all things natural, I always wander into the store knowing I will be inspired and filled with ideas to create or apply at my home.

This experience made me ponder the décor idea. When the Westport Historical Society asked me to be the honorary chair for this year’s house tour I said, “yes, and I know who else I want to partner with for this event.”

Since this year is the 27th annual tour (an enviably successful run – and all proceeds go to the charity!), we looked for ways to change things up. Being an avid gardener, I knew who could partner with us: a place that supports our mission and could bring the holiday to life.

Terrain became our proud supporter, and my home, Rosebrook Gardens, became the official terrain home. This partnership was perfect, as their aesthetic is also in theme with my overall belief of bringing Mother’s Nature’s colors and textures into the home. (Yup, a principle of Casual Luxury. I believe in this so much so it became one of my core design principles in my new book.) Terrain brings great excitement, not just because they will help wow the hundreds of people that will visit my home nine days from now, but because they will help bring my theme “Living Christmas” to life.

What’s “Living Christmas” look like? I don’t want to give away too much, but what I can say is that everything will be fresh, alive or symbolic of the great outdoors. I wanted to imagine what Mother Nature’s home would look like. No doubt the aroma of fresh clippings, lush wreaths, and festive holiday décor will inspire all who enter Rosebrook Gardens next Sunday. But wait – even my Garden Studio, Folly, and outdoor spaces will be host to the magic of the season, as lots of busy elves will be working endlessly this coming week. Including yours truly.

Do come and experience the magic of Christmas on December 8th, not just at my home, but at the other four festively decorated homes on the tour. And join us at the official party that evening at terrain – we will all be celebrating there in style. Now that’s a truly Living Christmas!

Hope to see you all then.