Let It Snow

Rosebrook Gardens, my home, is a place to share and enjoy with others. So this week, with yet another major snowfall hitting the tri-state area, I planned ahead by extending invitations for overnight guests and neighbors to visit.

We congregated around the fireplace, never missing a beat while enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We watched lots of TV and movies, including Blue Jasmine, Dallas Buyers Club, and finished the 4th season of Breaking Bad. (Please, no season 5 spoilers!) With no one needing to be anywhere or drive, we hunkered down and weathered the storm; where better to enjoy cocktails and some fine wine than in front of the roaring fire?

Sometimes being stuck in the house forces us to nest and enjoy our homes. We stop the hustle and bustle of life and find comfort in the familiar. We took advantage of it! Blankets were handed out to all guests, and PJ’s were encouraged as the best outfit for the day. With plenty of games to play, movies to watch and friends to laugh with, we watched the white stuff accumulate from our cozy vantage point.

We caught up on each other’s lives, read the news from our iPads, and ate, all while staying connected to the outside via social media. We discovered from the national wire the devastating news about Philip Seymour Hoffman, and took a moment to remember his outstanding body of work. What a horrible loss of talent; it made us appreciate each other all the more and count our blessings. Violet was more than happy to receive the extra love and kisses.

Okay, so businesses were closed for two days this week, and perhaps many of us got behind, but we certainly got ahead on our socializing. The snowstorm of 2014 might have hit us hard, but having friends over was my adult alternative to playing in the snow; rather than building a snowman, we built memories.

So let it snow, I say. How did you embrace ‘snow captivity,’ my MARtians?