Let go my LEGO

Last weekend I was invited to visit the North America Corporate headquarters for LEGO, located in Enfield, Connecticut. How delighted I was to visit their offices, shop at their employee store and meet some of their Master Builders at work. I was excited!

I woke at 6 am to travel to Enfield with members of the Mar Team; we arrived early enough to feast on big breakfast – the most important meal for shopping. To have the kind of day I was about to experience, one must know someone on the inside – and I do. We all arrived together, a combination of the curious, the collectors and the sale savvy.

Lego is iconic and nostalgic, but I was excited to spend some cash on the newest sets. I personally think they are such a great toy and worth the retail price, but if you know me you know I won’t pass up a good sale! I quickly noticed I was not alone. There were many other Lego aficionados who just like me had the same bright idea to arrive early. That day the employee store offered huge discounts. Wow, was I proud to have a friend in the Lego business.

I, however, was not alone. Everything was flying off the shelves; it sure was pandemonium, and  no wonder with the holidays fast approaching. Craziness was taking place as there was plenty of grabbing, pulling and not to mention cutting me off. You’ll be surprised what people will do for an R2-D2 Lego set – especially collectors.

I was amazed by the activity and it only took me a moment to get my shopping gloves on. I quickly coordinated an action plan and had my team of helpers hold items, bag them and wait in line while I worked the floor cross-referencing my list of “must-gets.” Turns out, I got everything I came for.

But that wasn’t all. I couldn’t resist getting my photo taken with an eight foot tall Lego Incredible Hulk. I met the Master Builders and saw their progression on a large scale Bilbo Baggins character from the upcoming movie The Hobbit (it will end up in a Lego store soon – maybe near you.) They explained how they approach all their large statues; their creativity is amazing, it was like watching a master carpenter or sculptor. To Lego fans, they are rock stars. But we weren’t the only fans there: I got recognized and asked for my autograph, too.

But the best part? Simply getting to say “Let go my Lego” in the company store.