Jack, Jolly & Jingle are back! 

It’s that time of year again, my MARtians, when the naughty Elves return to Rosebrook Gardens and wreak havoc on us all.  Team Mar is on high alert as these mischievous elves offer some of the most interesting photos opportunities.  You may recall some of my favorite photos from years past: the ‘Psycho’-style shower-attack, pinning Violet on the sofa, and cooking themselves on the stove, to name just a few.

Truth be told, this is a creative outlet for me to pose them in interesting and sometimes inappropriate tableaux.  Do you remember the year they put me in a garbage can and tied me up with red duct tape? Each year they get more interesting and fun.

Do you have any elves that you move around your home? Mine arrive a few weeks before Christmas day, and leave before new year–if i can get them to go!

So watch the posts on all my social media profiles from now until Christmas; I’ll be posting throughout their and chronicling their active itinerary of play.