It works!

This week I returned back from my Southampton get-a-way to finish the last few details for the Dream Room Maker Over reveal. Thursday was the big day, as Tom the homeowner experienced for himself the transformation. Not knowing what to expect, and because I continued to mention pink flamingos and a green leather sectional, I’m sure he was somewhat worried. His brother Joe went along with the gag, reiterating to Tom “What’s Mar doing with flamingos and green leather?”

Truth be told, when we first met I asked him to get me from his home three things that reflected his personality, and that he loved. His first item was a blow-up lobster. This told me that Tom was fun and playful–he had used it for a lobster party with his friends. Therefore the space needed to be inviting and a place he can enjoy with friends and family. His second item was a small modern painting that he painted himself. This simple painting gave me the complete color palette for the transformation, as I pulled from it cool shades of blue and a rich slate color. His third item was a fun photo of him and his college roommate outdoors on a farm. He loved the setting and commented on the blue sky, white clouds and lush green grass. This inspired me to infused his space with touches of mother earth with bright crisp white accents. I realized I could accessorize with fun playful items that embraced his youth.

Now that I had my recipe for his room, it was time to partner up with the best of the best to make this drab to fab transformation a reality. I had the most amazing time making this Dream Room into a place that Tom can call home but also a real show-stopper for those who come and visit. As I revealed the completed space to Tom, he lit up like a Christmas tree. My heart felt the joy and the connection that vibrated in the room as he looked around. This was his new home and this was not just a Dream Room Maker Over, it was a Dream come true.

Friends, family and our partners came to see for themselves as we celebrated together the end of a special journey. We made new friends, enjoyed great food and of course a Mar signature cocktail was on hand. My concept and design always embraced the idea of the need for accommodating plenty of people and for entertaining, so when every last seat was being used I grinned and proudly said to myself, “The room totally works!”

Learn more about my design partners, all the details, and the design concept next month as the show airs on the FOX network.