Interim Intern

Earth to MARs, Team Mar has another little MARtian! Straight out of Staples High School, I truly believe that I got the best of our senior internship program. When I saw the listing for the intern position here, I figured that I’d be running paperwork and getting coffee. However, upon arriving at the absolutely stunning Rosebrook Gardens, it became very clear that I would be playing a very different and far more exciting game until mid June.

My main task is this: video document the life of Mar Jennings. This seems pretty simple in theory, until you spend more than 30 minutes with the man himself. Mar gets more done in two hours than I usually do all day! Running after him on shopping trips, shoots for the makeover show, and TV appearances, I genuinely have no idea how he does it.

Considering Mar is kind enough to let me set up shop in his living room, you can usually find me in a tangle of wires smack in the middle of Rosebrook Gardens, encoding footage, editing anything that needs to be edited, and configuring graphics. I am so excited to be that extra set of media hands on deck. Flexing my Final Cut Pro muscles is always a joy, especially before I go to study Film and Television at New York University in the fall.

So far, working for the upbeat attitude of the sMARt and capable Mar Jennings has been such a great learning experience and I am so excited to be a part of his equally incredible team. Even if my post here isn’t permanent, I’m sure the effects of my time here will last forever.