I ‘see a IKEA’

Hosting Northeast Living allows me to visit and meet some of the most amazing people and places in Connecticut. That said, I began my week interviewing the former actor turned Artistic Director for the Westport Country Playhouse: Mark Lamos. I had so much fun learning about the Playhouse’s long lineage from this passionate Tony Award winner. Watch for this interview on Saturday, August 13th at 9 am on FOXCT.

On Tuesday I went back in time (firm believer in time travel, by the way!) by traveling to the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, in New Haven, to talk to Armond Morgan about founder George Peabody, the museum’s history and their elaborate collection of dinosaur fossils. The Peabody has everything from diamonds to wooly mammoths and everything in-between, including some terrific exhibits dedicated to local wildlife.  I I found myself drawn to some of my favorites, things that I first fell in love with during my childhood visits.

On Wednesday I had lunch with Dale Lehman from IKEA‘s marketing department in New Haven. Dale and I hit it off the moment she got in the car. By the time we were done with our lunch–joined by Heather, also from the amazing FOXCT team–we were excited that IKEA would play a big part of this year’s “Dream Room Makeover” (airing in September) and appear on Northeast Living going forward. A perfect match for the show, as IKEA offers everything from functional storage solutions to kitchen renovations. If you’ve been to a store you know the possibilities. My mind explodes just thinking about all the segments we can do together! Since IKEA is the life improvement store that makes a difference, and I like to think of myself as the lifestyle expert who also makes a difference, it’s going to be great fun. Plus I love popping in to get innovative design elements, and now I have an excuse to go more often!

When Thursday morning came around I was back on camera learning about the deep, rich history of The Old State House in Hartford. My two contacts, Rebecca and Sally, were wonderful to interview because both had so much passion and love for the work they do. Isn’t it nice when you meet people who are in jobs that are such good matches? I’m so proud to feature them also on the August 13th show.

And now, TGIF, and I’m off to discover dinosaur footprints at the Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill, and tonight I’m throwing a garden party at my home for 30 people – lots left to do. So how’s that for a full week? The Playhouse, The Yale Peabody Museum, IKEA, the CT State House and Dinosaur State Park. I learned some valuable history, made new friends, had some fun. And while I did I knew not far away I’d “see an IKEA” along the way.