I like to swing

Not long ago I rediscovered just how much I love to nap. As a child, we are contently reminded and encourage to take naps, but as we get older those encouragements and allowances disappear, and napping becomes a luxury rather than a routine. So I’m here to say, “Take back the afternoon nap” and upgrade the nostalgic experience in a hammock. Just mentioning the word “hammock” brings a feeling of relaxation over my body – you, too, I’ll bet. To me, the hammock is like no other al fresco experience. Napping in a hammock can slowly take you to a far, far away place I like to call “paradise.” I have a great grown-up memory of being on vacation and waking up from my nap to find a late afternoon cocktail hovering over my head. A few days ago I was on holiday – here at home – enjoying the benefits of a well-deserved break, so an afternoon nap was in order, and I could be found every afternoon fast asleep, napping away.

I told myself when I was planning my garden over a decade ago, that no matter what my design esthetics would be for my garden I needed a space where I could rest and enjoy the beauty of the gardens. This would come in the way of a hammock, of course, that today cleverly hangs between the garden studio and the hemlock tree. Placed perfectly in a shaded area, I can rest my eyes here, glimpsing the beauty of the garden as I doze off to la la land. Birds chirp, fountains splash, all while I am tucked away – and away from all wireless connections.

Combined with the breeze and the gentle sway, it’s like Mother Nature is rocking me in her arms. I always doze off quickly to a relaxing deep, deep sleep. This is heaven to me. When I finally arrive at this oasis state, you can be sure I will be out for an hour or two, unconscious with a “do not disturb” bubble above my head.

So this SumMAR the essential “to do” is getting out, owning your very own hammock, and literally hanging out. It’s a good thing, and allowing yourself to take time and enjoy a good nap will refresh and energize you. Don’t even try to go those larger “two-man” hammocks to share the experience with another – unless that other is the 4-legged kind. (As you can see, Violet sure loves to snuggle up with me out here.) It’s quite alright to let this be your experience, and yours alone to savor. This is the one time it’s okay to be a single swinger and proud of it. I know I am.