I Got It Covered!

I love my hometown of Westport, Connecticut, for so many reasons. The people, the restaurants, the village shopping, and of course our fantastic Compo Beach. It is our private oasis, with 29 acres along the shore of Long Island Sound. It offers many wonderful amenities: a pavilion should you need to get away from the sun, Joey’s by the Shore (a concession stand that offers the best lobster rolls), volleyball courts, an extra large playground for the kids, changing rooms, bathrooms, and lockers should one need to tuck away personal items.

Last Sunday was one of those perfect Summer days. You know, not too hot and not too humid. I joined my neighbors, all friends, for a day in the sun, and we set off mid-morning. I packed my copy of the NY Times, umbrella, sunscreen, chair and beach towel, and with my neighbor Mary as my comrade, we headed off to the beach to meet another neighbor Chris, and his son, Henry.

Like most beaches, Sundays are family days at Compo Beach, and there were lots of children playing in the sand: building sandcastles, screaming, running around, screaming, playing ball, and did I mention screaming? I tried to keep my nose in my paper, but the cool, light breeze coming off the sound was no match for my newsprint. So I joined in the fun with Chris and Henry.

Before you knew it, Henry was looking for something new to occupy him. So Uncle Mar had an idea new to him and his dad: “Buried Treasure.” The game is simple: dig a hole, then place a seated Henry inside. Backfill with sand, and voilà: a “buried treasure.” (Full disclosure: this game was not new to me. Growing up with two older brothers, I was always the treasure they were happy to bury!) Henry laughed, giggled and before we knew it he was jumping around into all the other children’s sand holes, asking to be buried again and again. Does anything make you smile more than a happy, giddy child? Not me. And Henry’s laughter is certainly infectious.

Daddy Chris was happy, my neighbor Mary got a kick out of it, and I was delighted to play in the sun, too. We closed out that perfect morning with lunch in the sun, a happy child, and lots of great memories.

So my MARtians, I guess you can say that if you ever ask me to watch your child for a while at the beach you’ll know what to expect when I tell you that “I’ve got it covered!”