I Fall for Pizza!

Tonight is pizza night. Normally I’m already thinking about which toppings to choose, should I pick whole wheat crust or regular thin crust – and which wine would be a nice accompaniment? Rosé or Chianti? Tonight is different. I’m busy with a capital “B.”

Feel that crisp fall air breezing by? The real estate world really heats up before and after summer as fall sets in. It has a lot to do with summer being an ideal time to move. Kids can start at their new school without disruptions; summer vacations are great for packing and unpacking. At Douglas Elliman, my team of Lifestyle Realtors is hard at work because of this activity increase.

I’m thrilled to be this busy. I thrive on the energy I get from expending energy. The days are flying by and I’m loving my real estate listings. I’m so proud of the beautiful staging and design work that helps show the homes off to their fullest potential. In between all of the showings, stagings, and selling, I’m filming. Get ready to cue up a new season of amazing, approachable remodel and makeover episodes of, “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show” next year. It is going to be chock full of ideas for you, my MARtians. From smaller projects that can be done on a shoestring, to bigger things like getting rid of a wall and moving a garage – you’re going to be inspired!

Now, back to pizza. I think I’ll have a fresh tomato pie with buffalo mozzarella and a great big salad. Yum!

What are you having for dinner? Keep me posted, stay tuned, and as always,

Keep it Casual!