Honorable Memorial Day Weekend

This year holiday in Westport was a smash!  Mother Nature provided us with the most perfect sequence of days and I had the best of company with which to enjoy the splendor of the official launch of summer. (Or, as I like to call it, sumMAR.)

Al fresco dining under the stars.

We kicked off the weekend on Friday evening with al fresco dining under the stars and the abundant wisteria on my pergola. The breathtaking blooms of the wisteria were the perfect canopy over our heads as guest enjoyed the gardens from this magical spot.  Dinner in this spot is a coveted yearly invite as it doubles as the launch of the garden season.

Rosebrook Gardens is very much a wonderful place to live for sure, but even more fantastic to share with others. Inspiration is in the air and the beauty provides the perfect snapshot for everlasting memories of the season.

On Saturday morning we took a walk and tour provided by the Westport Historical Society. The theme? “Walk in Gatsby’s Shoes,” a walking tour lecture of Westport’s history and connection to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s’ time in Westport. The walk inspired us to travel back in time, so we all decided to dress the part. And so much so we made it in the local Westportnow.com news.

Fitzgerald’s’ 1920’s summer rental home and team Mar.

What is Westport’s connection to Gatsby, however? Excitingly, the months he and his new wife, Zelda, spent here is now (finally) credited with inspiring his writing of The Great Gatsby. All thanks to the research of historian Richard “Deej” Webb, who, along with Robert Williams, confirmed this exciting connection. The tour ended at the site of the Fitzgerald’s’ former 1920’s rental summer home, 244 Compo Road South and of course we all needed to pose in front of this iconic Compo Beach area Westport home.

Monday’s picnic and croquet party was the validation that the season has begun. And the never-ending mint juleps, champagne and iced tea signaled that the barbecue picnic season is now in full force. This blog’s main photo captured the moment of fun and playfulness as we fully embraced the look and attitude of our 1920 style of celebration theme.

Truth be told, with house guests from afar and local friends from the neighborhood all combined together, this weekend’s festivities were right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

May your summer season also be filled with fun, laughter and many wonderful celebrations with friends and family.  If you can, come visit Westport and see why we all love to be home for the holidays.