Hanging Around Jordan’s

Hello, MARtians and Happy Friday!

I think you’ll agree that superior customer service is as hard to find as a white cat in a snowstorm. When you do come across an extraordinary experience, it is an inside scoop you cannot wait to share with your nearest and dearest.

I could be called a professional shopper because I spend so much time designing spaces for real estate, clients, and of course, my “Life on Mar’s” home makeover TV show. Most of the time I experience few to little problems, but not the whiz-bang of old-fashioned customer service. You know, the kind of white glove service our parents likely received. Thankfully, I’m here to tell you that Jordan’s Furniture Store is here to change all of that.

My experience with Jordan’s Furniture was nothing short of phenomenal. This is a relatively new store in New Haven area. It opened December 2015 in the old New Haven Register building, right next to IKEA. This is not your typical furniture store. It is an experience. From the pizza and ice cream restaurant to the “IT Adventure Ropes Course” there is lots to keep the whole family busy. (Not into the adventure sports? There’s even a 1,000 nozzle ‘dancing waters’ music and light show to watch in wonder. There’s no guessing why they call it Liquid Fireworks.) You will be delighted with the atmosphere and all there is to do while shopping for furniture. You can literally “hang out” while you wait for your order to be picked up. Did I? You bet. Now that’s a unique experience.

While all the bells and whistles are enchanting, what really got to me was the customer service, specifically from my salesperson Luke. He provided triple-A care from the purchase to the pickup, which only took two days. The stock is full, the prices are great and the inventory of furniture, accessories, and art is mind-blowing. Thanks to Luke and the beautifully-styled room vignettes, I found what I was looking for in minutes and had everything in my car ready to drop off to the clients in a couple of days. (And at the customer pickup center the attendants even washed my windshield while my car was being loaded. Don’t you love unexpected pampering?)

Now that’s what I call MARvelous! I’m excited to share my future adventures at Jordan’s Furniture with you all. Because there will be many, I can assure you! As always, my friends –

Keep it Casual,