Going Green

Hello, my MARtians–good grief, the holidays are almost here! Are you ready? This holiday season I have proactively focused on long lasting décor ideas that don’t only represent the festive holiday season but winter interest as well. As the garden and the winter skies turn the many shades of grey, it’s important to have lush vegetation as a source of texture and balance in the garden. As a gardener, I have established my garden with anchors of evergreens. The one dominant, consistent material I love to use is the classic English Boxwood–you can say with over 500 on the property, I’m no stranger to lush texture in the garden.

Some of the best tricks to create festive outdoor décor comes by the way of hemlock, juniper, or boxwood clippings. Perfectly bunch them to create a calm, whimsical vignette. Even a simple wreath without any embellishments, leaned against an outdoor mantel or urn, resonates the festivities without the traditional holiday red and green accessories.

Rosebrook Gardens is my home, and no matter what the season may be my decorative touches are in abundance. Truth be told, some of the most powerful designs that I have created over the years come from monochromatic infusions of natural organic touches combined and layered to create a vista of lush vegetation. A dusting of snow highlights the beauty, creating the picture-perfect photo opportunity.

This week I awoke to an unexpected magical carpet of snow, so I was excited for its lack of accumulation, thus making for the perfect morning photo shoot. That said, before it could melt away, I jumped into action to capture the beauty that Old Man Winter left behind.

Winter may be here, but regardless of what the season may bring, you can be sure Rosebrook Gardens’ color palette will always have “going green” as a motto.