Garage Wall Sconces: Lighten Up!

One thing I love about winter is that the cold temperatures outside help me redirect my energy to indoor projects. That said, this week I completed the installation of two fabulous sconces inside the garden studio, a space that – for me – combines the best of both worlds: summer and winter.

How? My garden studio has become the hub of most activity, with film crews, photographers and, lately, workers. This former one car garage has trumped the traditional usage of such a space to become my laboratory in which to work and create in all seasons, thus the perfect playhouse and extension of my home and gardens. It’s kind of like a “man cave” except that I prefer to call mine my “garden studio.”

As a designer I find great pleasure in creating the right mood for a casual luxury space. My principles build on form and function and when the opportunity of installing wall sconces presented itself (while workers were here updating the second floor home office space), I jumped on it.

I replaced the white corbels (brackets) with the sconces, and what once only gave a decorative touch now has a dual purpose: merging great design with functionality. Doing this offers architectural details beyond the expected. It’s all in the details.

So as I work away on this blog in my studio, I’m taking pride that I’m most likely the only person in America that would ever install sconces in what use to be an active garage.

That’s what makes our homes ours: the ability to customize them for our lifestyle. What are you doing to “illuminate” your sense of style in your home?