One of the greatest rewards in cultivating and creating Rosebrook Gardens is getting Mother Earth’s seal of approval. This may be displayed in various ways: from the prolific flowers that grace the gardens to the delicate butterflies, hummingbirds and robins that visit and call Rosebrook Gardens home.

That said, for those of you who have joined me in the past in my garden you know my passion for maximizing a space that focuses on purpose, function, and beauty. The rewards are endless, but the magical gift of new life is always validation to me that Mother Nature is pleased with my work.

Last week one of Mother Earth’s residents took note, as a robin began to make her nest on top of a tuteur. I was delighted to see how sMARt she was to build her new home with a penthouse view. Protected by the best security–honeysuckle intertwined with clematis–I could see why she was attracted to this space.

Like any architect, she began with a solid foundation, beginning with dried hydrangeas for the base, then carefully stacking and pressing twigs, spent flowers, feathers, and grass to create that perfect circular shape. The MARvelouness happens only when she reinforces the nest using soft mud gathered from worm castings. This last step makes it a heavier and sturdier platform for her soon to arrive babies.

Witnessing the step-by-step creation of this nest and seeing four blue eggs arrive this week has “four sure” validated my love for Mother Nature, mother earth and mother Robin.