Finding The Sale, But When?

It seems that I’ve always had the uncanny ability to sniff out a good deal, even as a child when shopping with my Mother. Not much has changed in that regard since then except that I’m a little (well maybe a lot) bit older and hopefully a lot wiser. Here are what I have found to be the best times to shop for your home and lifestyle needs:

Landscaping projects/Garden items
The absolute time for the best prices means coordinating new plantings in October. Nurseries and landscaping companies are always looking to offload anything that is in stock before fall sets in.  Discounts of 50-75% can be had for last minute garden projects.

Buying a new home
The best negotiating opportunities are in the winter months when kids are still in school and homes lack the buzz and appeal of the spring market.  Homeowners who are stuck carrying their homes into the winter months are often more willing to offload their properties with less fuss. This is when the deals can happen quickly. So take advantage of this and come to the table with an open mind and an imagination to see beyond the snow, bare trees and gloomy skies.

Buying/Leasing a new Car
December, December, December.  Any questions? As new models are arriving dealers want to hit their annual sales goals.  Never buy the current year’s model as it has already depreciated more than 15%.  Research the car you want. Know the wholesale price and how much over wholesale you are willing to go. Put dealerships against each other. Make them work to get you the absolute best price.  Once you have it–shop around still more and you’ll be surprised as to just how much lower the price can get.

Sheets and/or New Bedding
This is a year-round opportunity in my book, as long as you visit discount home stores that have a bedding department.  Nowadays there is no need to spend a fortune on good quality sheets. As with all things, I’m always looking for attainable luxury at a good price. Home Goods is my best recommendation for quality sheets and accessories for really, what amounts to, shocking discounts!! Recently I found 600 thread count 100-percent cotton sateen bed sheets for my queen size bed for the amazing price of only $49.99. This find was too good to be true so I quickly looked around to see if I could find more. That was one successful shopping trip as I walked away with three packages. One doesn’t have to settle for less when it comes to bed linens, pillows, towels or other home decorating items. Many discount home stores are waiting for you year-round. Take your time, edit through the merchandise and see what you can find. You’ll never pay full retail again and, frankly, why should you.

Holiday decorations
This is a real no-brainer, right after the holiday. No matter what the holiday may be, always stock-up after for the following year.

Renovations to your home
The best time to renovate your home is in the dead of winter. Most contractors are free and looking for work. This is the best time to negotiate the price and the job is less likely to be delayed as there are typically fewer projects competing with yours.

Buying an airline ticket
Research has shown that buying airline tickets on a Wednesday offers the best available seats for the upcoming weeks. Always plan to purchase your tickets two to three weeks in advance for domestic flights and three to six weeks for international travel. Get on a mileage program to offset upgrades to business or first-class. That makes buying a ticket a real deal!

And there you have it.