Everything’s coming up roses, literally

Welcome back,

Did you know that June is National Rose Month in the United States? Here at Rosebrook it is obvious from the moment you enter the property as the aroma of the collection of roses lifts your spirit and take you to a far away place. You’re in the downtown Westport area, but for most this is an oasis that couldvery well be in the English countryside. This is my home and my roses greet you proudly as do I.

A soft arch arbor with picket fence supports the Sombreuil roses (white) intertwined with the The President clematis (purple), so you notice the prolific buds and blooms. Adjacent is the Eden rose (pink), another spectacular beauty that greets you with their amazing fragrance–here one should simply pause and smell the roses, literally. This collection of roses offers an outstanding bouquet opportunity, which of course increase the re-blooming rate. But wait there’s more–you enter the side garden and discover an English lattice trellis supporting New Dawn (pink) roses once again intertwined with an Anna Louise Evithree clematis (pink & white). A fabulous combination and one of my signature gardening design concepts. Whenever possible, make it a combo.

These are just an example of some of the roses that make Rosebrook Gardens a place to MARvel over. My book; Life On Mar’s, A Four Season Garden offers six complete pages dedicated to my roses and filled with photos and easy tips for growing, caring for and nurturing these spectacular plants.

My love of growing roses rooted early in life when I was only a small child. With my Grandmother by my side I tended to her garden; her roses were partially special as she had a combination of upright bushes and climbers. She loved color and her arrangements would rival any professional’s. During Summer breaks visiting with her one would always find an intimate bouquet by the bedside– a tradition that I continue today.

My passion with roses re-bloomed when I purchased my home in 1996. It was not long after when a dear friend and mentor Edward Smith reintroduced me to gardening with roses, and this time as an adult and new home homeowner I found new meaning and purpose to growing roses; soon the gardens were named “Rosebrook Gardens” representing the essences of my roses, gardens and home. Now as an adult with gardens of my own I dug deep into my childhood to recall all the pleasures and nostalgic memoires of the gardens that were once such an important part of my life. Truth be told, my garden and roses inspired an inner desire to learn as much as I could about roses and gardens and hopefully make my grandmother and Edward proud along the way. This became my story, life and new career. Rosebrook Gardens opened doors and allowed me to find my inner passion along the way.

Today roses are once again enjoying resurgence in popularity and that’s why I feel the power of even one rose plant in your garden is enough to overwhelm your senses and bring you back for more. My garden is a direct connection to my past with a growth towards the future, so this month why not consider a rose plant for yourself, a friend or a neighbor. The rewards are priceless!

As for my week, it began with a book signing on Saturday followed by several garden tours on Sunday. On Wednesday I worked with NewsProNet filming in my studio for an upcoming CNN interview. Thursday I was back to New York for Better TV and I was finally able to get a photo with the fabulous and gorgeous Audra Lowe. I love her and for those of you who have read my blog in the past it is way to late for me as she is happily married to a great guy, just my luck–sorry mom. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her or the entire Better team as they are all so fabulous to work with and I enjoy each and every time I get the honor and pleasure to do so.

Today, I’m preparing for a live radio interview hosted by Mario Bosquez on the Martha Stewart show, Sirius/XM radio at 3:00PM. I’ll be talking about creating a successful tag sale and revealing my secrets. Tune in and give us a call at 1-866-675-6675 EST (eastern standard time) with a question or just to say hello. We would love to hear from you.

Miss Violet, now 26 weeks old, as always did something worth blogging about. She brought her blanket from her crate to the laundry room. I’m not kidding! At first I thought, “what the heck?” then I noticed how dirty it was so it made sense: “clean it for me damn it” I heard loud and clear. I had completely overlooked this blanket and it took Violet bringing it out – up a flight of stairs and dropping it in front of the washing machine – before I would even notice it needed to be cleaned.

We have done so much in the short time we have been together. Road trips, dinners, movies, cocktail parties, garden tours and live television but no matter what bedtime is always the same, cuddling and dozing off together and lately with a bouquet of roses on my nightstand. Violet is my little girl and I want to cherish all these experiences as she is growing so fast and this morning I found another baby tooth. With Violet outside, I was left to wonder “what’s the going rate for a schnauzer tooth?” I know, lot’s of love and and plenty of healthy cookies.