Estate Representative

This week I had the honor to be top billing for and featured speaker at the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show in Hartford, Connecticut. The Convention Center was transformed into a breathtaking event for floral and garden enthusiasts. With over 250 booths overflowing with fresh flowers, plants, herbs, bulbs, seeds and garden accessories this was my version of the gardening super bowl! And with over 45,000 square feet of gardens, plants, and flowers, it was also like a dress rehearsal for spring.

I opened the ceremonies on Thursday with a ribbon cutting with Governor Jodi Rell. When the official time came to cut the ribbon, she experienced some difficulties and stated, “Guess I can cut the budget better.” This tempted me to make a comment that was on the tip of my tongue… should I or shouldn’t I? Oh what the heck – “Rather than cutting our budget, how about cutting our taxes”? The crowd applauded and I had my moment that got everyone’s attention. The Governor laughed too – I’m sure she’s heard much worse. Shortly after we were each whisked away by our assistants to meet the press, sign autographs, and be interviewed by the local stations.

My lectures over the two days were packed, and I was touched that even though we ran out of seats, many people sat on the floor to experience my lecture and witness my garden unfold before their very eyes as I projected photos on a large screen before them. To come to one of my lectures is to experience a show; I perform and do everything I can to make it both informative and entertaining.

Having met the Governor I could not help thinking: Am I the Governor of my gardens? In a way, I think I am. I do govern over budgets, expansion, education, and healthcare. I don’t have people to lead, but I do have political power over my plants, shrubs, and trees. Since I’m self-appointed, I don’t have to hold an official election – but I know deep in my heart that each year in the Spring my garden bursts with magical beauty: abundant, prolific flowers that to me represent the vote that I’m going a good job.

I may not be a Head of State, but I’m definitely head of my estate!