Double Duty Wreath

The holidays are over and many of us have begun, thankfully, to remove all signs of Christmas past. I do it all at once and as quickly as possible. It’s less painless that way, like ripping off a bandaid. That said, this year I found a creative solution for my now tired holiday door wreath. No matter how fabulous your wreath may be, come January it will begin to show its age. Guess what? It has a new life in your garden or on your patio table. I put the wreath down flat on is back side with an urn in the center. If my wreath could provide so much pleasure on the front door, why not relegate it to a slightly less visible spot but one where it’s still useful and can still amuse me. This simple concept instantly provided winter interest in my garden with no new expense. And I get to feel good about yet another recycling opportunity.

And there you have it.