Discovering Wildlife In The Home Or Garden

I recently had on the show Wildlife Rehabilitator, Linda Milardo showing me what we can do if we discover squirrels, opossums or skunks in our home.

The best way to evict the animals from your home is to wait until the babies are grown and gone but if you need them out immediately it’s best to get the mother to leave with the babies on her own. These suggestions will usually work with nocturnal animals. But it’s best to wait until the evening hours when the mother animal is out foraging for food.

  • Locate the nest in the mid-morning.
  • Place a radio, tuned to a talk station and turn up the volume.
  • Fill a few jars or coffee cans with 1/4 cup of ammonia and place a rag inside. Place near the nest.
  • Shine a bright light into the area.

If the mother has an alternate nest site she will usually move her babies one at a time within a couple of hours. If she has to build a new nest it may take a day for her to relocate.

Check back a day later and make sure the mother didn’t move the babies to another location in your home. If they are gone seal up any vents, gaps or entry points they may have used. Usually, 1/2-inch hardware cloth secured with staples or nails will work.

Discovering Skunks!!!
If you have an adult skunk with no babies in your garage you can leave a trail of cheese from the garage to the end of the driveway. Observe and when the skunk is away from the garage; close the door or seal up entry points. Be sure she does not have a nest of babies. If she does, try the idea above or contact a rehabilitator who specializes in skunks.

For more information on co-existing with wildlife, nuisance wildlife, volunteering or how to help an orphaned animal, contact: (203) 389-4411 or The Dept of Environmental Protection Wildlife Division at

And there you have it.