Stuck at Home & Stuck for Ideas? Try this…

Discover some new ideas for both entertainment and fun.
This COVID-19 will not get us down!   Here are several great and happy ideas to consider while nesting at home.

  • Redesign a space: 

Consider this time the perfect creative time to embrace your “inner designer” look at your rooms with a fresh perspective and rearrange your space into a brand new environment. Shop from other rooms for that familiar yet updated look.  (This is also a good weekend project for bored teens to redesign their own rooms.)

  • White a handwritten letter:

This is the best time to write a letter to your parents and or friends. The art of letter writing is coming back! You can also hunt down and finally use any stationary, thank you cards etc you might have hidden away. Make this a family activity: everyone can add a note in the same letter. For smaller kids who don’t write (or don’t have much to say), it’s a good time to teach them the fine old art of potato printing so they can add their part, too!

  • Paint touch ups: 

You know you still have those cans of paint. Why not touch up those dings and scratches in all your heavy traffic areas now that you have the time and resources.  You and your home deserve it.

  • Books on tape. 

Set the entire family down and listen rather than talk.

Another option is to recreate an old-time ‘radio hour’–for younger listenings, you can position it like sitting around a campfire telling stories. (You know–the original podcasts but scripted.) There are many radio shows available, especially older ones, from dramas to adventures to spooky to just plain goofy. You’ll discover how much fun you have using your imagination to fill in the visual details based on the clever sound effects. (And you-or your kids–might get inspired to make their own ‘radio’ dramas.) Want up-to-date shows? Try the NPR app, or just Google them.

  • Watch a broadway show online:  

Yes you can do that thanks to the site. It’s free this month, so rather than watch another movie night go to broadway at home. Musicals, plays, and more. For some students they may even get to see versions of titles that are required reading.

  • Use the good stuff and dress for dinner. 

Let’s turn back time set the table to celebrate and dress for dinner.  Make dinner an event rather than a routine. Who says Saturday night can’t still be date night?

  • Clean and organize the unexpected.

You may have a clean house, but  what does the basement, crawlspace or attic look like? There is nothing more fulfilling than a neat and tidy bonus area.

  • Be a star in your own movie! 

Become a producer and creator of your own show! That said, the entire family can have a role and be part of a short documentary and or movie. Truth be told, your mobile device offers many wonderful free applications to edit and create movies.  Assign a task to each family member and use social media to announce your movie and the big premiere!   A fantastic way to be both creative and entertained.  Who knows, maybe even create your family’s “time capsule” record of how you spent your time at home.

  • Learn a new language, word, and/or a new skill set!   

What a wonderful way to take advantage of this time together. Learning something new is both stimulating and beneficial in becoming a well versed person. Learn something new, have fun and pass it on. Many universities are offering free courses on-line. Everything from computer programming to english literature to art appreciation.

  • Make a bouquet from the garden. 

You don’t need flowers to invite Mother Nature indoors. Lush green clippings of evergreens and shrubs bursting with buds can become just as wonderful as a traditional flower display.  Be resourceful from foraging in the garden for texture and color tones for a powerful fragrant bouquet. Nothing makes a home more beautiful than displaying a freshly picked arrangement it in your home.