Dating Hotline

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of making friends with lots of lovely single women, many of whom have been married once or twice. Sooner or later their desire to be with a man quickly becomes the “hot topic” of many of our conversations. Before I know it, I am the “how to find a man” resource for other women as well. I’ve helped them all from what not to wear, to what not to do, or say. That said, recently one of my dear friends, who shall remain nameless, broke-up with her three year on and off relationship. If you’re a fan of the 1964 classic Bewitched television show you’ll remember Samantha Stevens’ Mother Endora who could never get Darren’s name right. Come to think of it neither could her Father, the distinguished, always wearing a fabulous tuxedo, Maurice. Truth be told, I’m very protective of my friends and if they’re dating someone who I feel is not treating them right, I often get their names wrong, sort of accidentally on purpose. Derwood, Ding-dong and Dumbo are just a few examples of the names I used to refer to them. Never to their face, of course, as I’m too polite for that.

The new year brings renewal, so out with the old, and in with the new. So this dear friend is actively dating again, with my help. I promised her I would personally supervise the process and help answer any questions she may have, even how to best respond to e-mails and dating invites. Not long ago, I wrote an article about dating and how to “get in and get out”. Who knew I would be so good at this!?

What did she learn this week? If you can see yourself with this person long-term—then date the man. If you don’t have that spark from the moment you meet them you must move on. I truly believe that whether you’re a man or a woman, if you like someone then you’ll jump through hoops to see them again. If you don’t feel that spark or have the willingness to do just that, then you should simply get in and get out. And should I ever call them Derwood you’ll know exactly how I feel.