Chicken Fried Schnauzer

As I entered my office today preparing to write my blog, my precious little schnauzer followed me into the room and immediately jumped onto my lap, licking my face and nibbling my nose. As if she doesn’t get enough cuddling and loving by the many people who come and take her away for long drives, shopping trips and walks in the park. It’s only when they return that I’m asked, “Oh Mar, how are you doing today?” Good God, Miss Violet has become more popular than I. Okay, I know her schedule is not as tight as mine, but really. This little miniature schnauzer that’s turning eleven months in November brings so many people, including me, such great joy and happiness. But today she has brought me inspiration as she begins to slobber me with wet and wonderful kisses.

As the leaves begin to fall, and good little witches start dreaming of and preparing their costumes, it’s a good time for me to start thinking about my own Halloween costume. Even though I took care of Violet’s Halloween costume months ago, I’m still wondering what should I be? Like many of you, I’m sure, I have a few oldie but goodie last-minute costumes that I can rely on…  “Dr. Kill Peyton” who sports scrubs, a lab coat, and a stethoscope, or my most recent fast and easy costume: “a moving target” where I attached several Target shopping bags to white clothes. Both are easy and don’t require applying any messy make-up or spending way too much time thinking about it. They may not win the prize for best costume, but they offer access to any party that requires a costume. As a matter of fact, one time someone new in town asked me for a business card as they were looking for a doctor. Imagine that. As for the Target costume, well, the jury is still out on that one.

For Violet’s first Halloween, she is going to be smartly camouflaged as a yard bird. Yes, you heard me, a chicken. Truth be told, she’s not really happy about it. Luckily she only has to tolerate it for a couple of hours while we stroll down Main Street at Westport’s annual Halloween Parade. That afternoon, hundreds of children, pets and parents arrive downtown for the occasion. I’m making sure that Miss Violet won’t miss her first parade even if I have to dress her like a chicken. A fun day for all and I’ll be right there walking my chicken, talking to friends and neighbors, enjoying the fun with all the storekeepers and merchants. I might not have given birth to Miss Violet, but dressed as a chicken I could just eat her up.