Canine Stylin’ & Re-LEX48in’ in NYC

Hey MARtians!

Last weekend, I embarked on a daddy-doghter getaway to New York City. Violet, my miniature schnauzer, had too long been competing for my attention with MARTV’s rigorous design and shoot schedule. She’s not one to complain, but it was easy to see she missed me. What better way to get in some much-needed bonding time than a mini-break with shopping and spa treatments – and there’s no better place to do just that than at Canine Styles and Hotel 48Lex.

Hotel 48 Lex is a hip boutique-style hotel, aptly named for its location – 48th Street and Lexington Avenue. We booked the beautiful penthouse suite with their aMARzing pet package (add-on available for any pet, any room.) If you need a place to stay with your dog in the City and don’t want to sacrifice style or amenities, this is the place for you.

When we arrived at the hotel, our check-in was a breeze. Violet was offered a basket of goodies from which to choose a gift from the hotel. The staff was professional and friendly, but nothing could have prepared us for our room! It was so Casual Luxury with a terrace all our own and views of the Chrysler building and the GE Building. Violet even had a special dining area, and she went right to work snacking and sipping the fresh water provided.

After a wonderful meal and drinks on the terrace, we were both dog-tired. Violet nestled into her carrier, which was familiar and comforting. I absolutely sunk into the sumptuous bed. We were both out in minutes.

It was pretty ruff getting out of bed the next morning, but the excitement of shopping at Canine Styles managed to pry us away. There are a few Canine Styles locations, but we hightailed it over to the Broadway store. Upon entering we were greeted by “Broadway” – the affable feline fixture.

While Violet was whiskered away for her beauty treatments, I perused the pet products. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many wonderful delights in one place. I peeked into the salon and saw Violet’s fur was shining and lustrous. She truly was one pampered pooch. Once fluffed and buffed, she ran up front to the shop and shook her fur “Farah Pawcett-style”. She knew she looked good!

It was hard for her to pick just one item. So, I let her have a few goodies. Beautiful violet and lavender sweaters vied for her attention with clever squeaky toys and loads of tasty, healthy dog treats. The wall of leashes and colors in every shade imaginable were so exciting and fun. Chad, one of Canine Styles’ owners, was on site that morning. The success of the business is no doubt due to his keen eye and generosity. He selected a glamorous diamond and lavender leather collar with matching leash for Violet. I loved the care that was put into all the curated items, and the exclusive Canine Styles designs.

I hope if you’re ever in New York, you take my recommendations. You will not be disappointed. I promise these establishments are pet-friendly and MAR-approved. Visit my gallery page to see the family photos of the trip!

Hotel 48Lex New York: 517 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017

Phone:(212) 888-3500

Canine Styles: 2231 Broadway #A, New York, NY 10024

Phone:(212) 799-9799

Photo Credit to – Lauren Bove