Busy Little Vespa


Have you met my Vespa? Well maybe you have, and didn’t know it was mine. That’s because I like to share it with folks.

For example, right now it is currently in the shop window of local master tailor Stephen Kempson. Since Stephen was born and raised in England, my Vespa’s Union Jack decoration makes it perfect for his shop.

It is a good deal for me, too, as in winter it stays warm–and useful–rather than chilling out in a garage. So stop by and say hello!

This past summer author Jane Green had it in her care. Between writing best-selling novels she was able to jaunt out and get some fresh air along the coast.

Don’t worry, I also get in my fair share of use. But I do like looking for opportunities to let others enjoy it as well. Who knows where it will end up next?

You might say that lending my Vespa out makes me feel ‘wheelie good!’