Riding High

Yesterday on assignment for Northeast Living, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris and Teddie Salko. They are the owners of Salko Farm & Stable, a family-owned farm in the quintessential New England setting of Greenfield Hills in Fairfield, CT. In the Salko family for sixty-five years it was, for a considerable time, a full working farm but now has twenty-three horses that roam around on ten and a half beautiful acres.

Their all-English Riding program focuses on lessons for children. Programs are personalized, keeping the student to staff ratio low. Chris mentioned the focus is on safety and pleasure riding, rather than competition, and with indoor facilities, there are no worries should there be inclement weather.

My videographer and producer arrived. We were all excited to work together on another location shoot. Northeast Living brings viewers along for the ride – whether lifestyle, travel, health, finance and more. As the host and lifestyle expert, I want to make sure you are entertained in ways that might also improve and add meaning and value to your life, with some fun along the way.

We arrived in the morning on the most perfect, bright winter day. The grounds and the stables were immaculate; the cleanest stables I have ever seen. Chris Salko grew up on this farm and his wisdom and passion immediately resonated with me the moment I met him. Kind and engaging, we spoke about the best shots to film and what kind of horse I would like to ride. We decided on Gryff, a brown and white beauty with tons of personality and a regal stance. He was a stud no doubt! And this wanna-be stud was more than delighted to be teamed up with him.

Oh, how I love what I do and thank goodness I do what I love. It’s no wonder I was riding high. Thank you, Salko Farm for a most perfect day. I’ll be back!

Learn more by visiting their website:www.salkofarmandstable.com

Photo: Mar Jennings, Chris Salko and my new buddy, Gryff.