Moving Out

Have we taken the turn here in New England? Has Old Man Winter finally packed his bags to go join my naughty holiday elves?

Thanks to the warmer weather, the Garden Studio was opened this week, so that means its time to move on out! The furniture that is.

Nothing makes me happier than the official opening of the Garden Studio, and although I’m a month behind schedule, I was not going to let the weather stand in my way any longer. And forced bulbs from my local Home Depot made catching up easy.

Rosebrook Gardens is on two major garden tours this summer, and so begins the tasks to get the gardens ready for all the visitors. Mother Nature will no doubt have her work cut out for herself, but so will my team of experts. Teed & Brown lawn service, Straight Line Landscaping, Oliver’s Nursery, Greenfield Hill Nursery and, of course, terrain of Westport. All contribute a great deal to the overall beauty of the gardens.

I know you, my MARtians, like to MARvel over how Rosebrook Gardens never looks the same. And this year you’re in for a real treat; I’m upping the ante with some exciting surprises. I’ve been planning something I’m sure will leave you amazed and delighted.

Want to know what it is? Can you keep a secret? So can I, so you just need to mark your calendar for June 14th for the Westport Historical Society’s Garden Tour. I’ll post more information as the date gets closer, but also make sure you’re on my MARtian mailing list to ensure you get a very special invitation to the garden.

Happy Spring, Happy Passover, Good Friday and Easter everyone! I’m moving out of the cold and moving into the garden.