Mirror Mirror on the Wall… of the pergola

Hello, MARtians!  As the weather gets colder, and the garden goes into hibernation, the architectural designs become more evident.  Rosebrook Gardens has always been known as a Four Season Garden – so much so, that I wrote my first book about this!  This recipe for design becomes more punctuated on the garden features as Old Man Winter approaches.

Truth be told, garden design and ornaments such as trellises, armillaries, and statues invariably become the core of a New England garden in the winter.  The once subtle items, that used to peep from behind lush vegetation, emerge to create a new focus, and a fresh place for the eye to rest and admire.  In a winter garden, these features actually become the garden, replacing the vast array of warm weather hues and shades of greens with a more softly colored landscape.

My newest design was finally installed this week; I hung a simulated vintage mirror under the pergola to capture light and reflection.  The simple idea of punctuating a certain area of your garden can be executed in many ways; a trellis, an orb, an urn, or a statue.  I chose to install a mirror, with a hole drilled a strong hook, and placed the Bacchus head over the mirror, for a layered effect.

I added some sconces to the sides of the mirror and suddenly the side yard has a new and lovely place to pause to reflect. Literally!

So, my MARtians, when visiting Rosebrook Gardens, you’ll notice a mirror on the wall reflecting something for us all.