Mar’s Facelift

This week I announced on all my social media channels that Rosebrook Gardens was getting a facelift. Turns out perhaps I should have been super clear that I was referring to my home. Many folks took that statement as meaning I was literally getting a facelift. Oh boy.

This year, with several big garden tours, celebrations and gatherings already on the 2015 calendar, I figured “why stop at installing a new Dutch door?” So with the help of my trusted Makeover Show builder Ross from Tiefenthaler (and having him already on my speed dial), I decided to do something aMARzing this Winter. My mind began to race with ideas for something that would be synonymous with my Casual Luxury lifestyle brand. I quickly put pen to paper, and in no time I was creating the new plan for the façade of Rosebrook Gardens.

You see, I don’t live for space, I live for design. (OMG I love this line, note to self.) Truth be told, there was no need to do any work on the house, but if you know me you understand that my home is not just for living day to day, but for all who visit here to enjoy and to be inspired by. Truly it’s the foundation of everything I do, so why not do a little Winter ‘reno’ with my top-notch builder colleague? Ross, no stranger to my design aesthetic, jumped right on board to help bring my new drawings to life.

The result: an updated circular window, and a brand new dormer window and dovecotes. My neighbors have already commented on the new additions; once fully completed with corbels and a fresh coat of paint the house will be ready for the garden tours. (Stay tuned for the garden spruce up, to come!)

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Today, I look at my home covered with a light dust of snow (and its fair share of blessings), I realize the project worked: I really do feel up-“lift”-ed!