A Schnauzer Overboard!

My life is full of Violet stories as each day brings yet another funny story with Miss Violet. This week she had her vet check-up with the amazing Dr. Timothy Plunket and we were happy to learn that Violet gained a pound in the two weeks since we last visited his office in Fairfield. Everyone there loved her and could not wait to see her again as she popped out of her travel bag to say, “I’m here”!

That said, Violet is 4lbs and every one of them is probably equal to 10 lbs of love. She packs a punch on love but needless to say it did not prepare me for the following night when she fell out of bed. I must have rolled over and somehow sprung her out of bed. She awoke on the floor with a surprised look the seemed to say, “What the BARK were you thinking? I’m only 4 lbs! ” Luckily enough she did not have far to fall, all the same I was devastated that I had something to do with this so I kissed her and rubbed the back of her ear – as if that would fix anything at 4 in the morning. Soon she was fast asleep but the next morning – well, Violet is not talking about it. Better left unsaid.

On a positive note now a days, car rides are becoming especially fun and the gardens are still an interesting place to roam. My little girl is growing every week and for now documenting her growth both from the obvious (in size) to her personality and confidence.

Friday, February 27 marked an 11-week birthday celebration so I pulled out plenty of toys, rolled on the floor with her and kissed here smooth pink tummy to pieces. But this was also memorable in another way as she decided to sniff out a corner and make a poop (or nugget, as my neighbor would call it) right in the house! I could not believe my eyes when I caught her at that very moment of the nugget deposit we locked eyes; I could see her little mind thinking “well I thought I would try this just once.” No worries, as she was reminded of her least favorite word “NO” and quickly placed outside to finish. Accidents do happen and after taking care of Corky this was a funny yet nostalgic reminder of how much we love our pets and how there will be a day in the future when I will need to chalk it up to old age, but for now it’s constant puppy training (and maybe, just maybe, payback for being tossed out of bed?) This was very unlike her as thus far she has been on a great schedule. I think I made my point with her but only time will tell. Wish me luck that another nugget does not make it’s way into my life – never mind into my living room sisal carpet.

As for Violets 4 other brothers and 2 sisters I once wrote about, well I was happy to learn on Thursday that all have found loving homes. Some of the new proud parents have even taken the time to reach out and posted a comment on the site about their exciting new baby. Keep them coming as I love to read every one of them. And yes, its true, I’m reading each and every one – thank you.

I finish with this: these are difficult times for many of us and I want you all to know that my commitment to give you a smile or a chuckle, great tips for your home, garden and life while inspiring to learn have fun and pass it on – well, I have no plans to stop! Truth be told, your continued support and dedication to come back each and every time is both humbling and validating that I’m here in life doing what I know to be my passion and drive. Thank you for allowing me not just into your day, but into your home as well.