Birdhouse in the Window

To riff on the famous tune, “How much is that birdhouse in the window?”

This week, dozens of unique, custom birdhouses began appearing in display windows of Westport’s retail shops. Why? They will be auctioned on April 5th to raise money for Project Return during their 19th annual birdhouse event. The birdhouses themselves are so creative, in as many different themes and styles as you can imagine – from classic to artistic to post-modern – and made from a wide variety of materials, too – from wood to Lucite to recycled materials like tin and even cassette tapes.

That said, a classic birdhouse modeled after Rosebrook Gardens became part of a window display at Mitchells of Westport, and (just like any proud father) I was off to take plenty of photos – what an honor.

Built by the very talented Rick Benson, this 3/8 scale birdhouse is masterfully built and drawing a lot of attention. Those in the know recognized my home from the recent Christmas House Tour, where it captured the imagination and hearts of many. When the auction begins, I’ll no doubt be plenty nervous, bidding on my birdhouse among the hundreds of attendees.

I was kept well informed of the progress through photographs by the craftsman, Rick. He is a local builder/developer who has been responsible for exceptional homes for over 30 years and has participated in this event for nineteen years. Rick is no stranger to custom details and quality, so when I was asked if I would lend my name and home to this wonderful cause I was, of course, delighted to participate.

This mini-home has all the important details that make Rosebrook Gardens so special. Rick masterfully recreated each detail in scale, complete with cedar roof and copper flashing. The color is exact, as I was able to provide the custom paint color from my own home. This birdhouse is both decorative and fully functional: it even has a clean-out opening at the bottom. I love that, Rick – as birds deserve a clean home too.

All for a worthy cause as 100% of the proceeds will benefit this wonderful local charity. So come join me on April the Rolling Hill Country Club in Wilton to help the charity feather their financial nest. For more information, visit their website.