Backyard Bouquets

One of the many pleasures of nurturing and cultivating a garden has to be the reward of abundant resources for creating flower arrangements for my home. Spring, summer, fall and even winter have provided plenty of color and textures for my seasonal arrangements. Whether or not you’re a gardener, every yard has the resources to be a free “flower shop.”

The burst of spring flowers — such as hyacinths, tulips, lilac, viburnum, and peonies, to name a few — can combine to make a breathtaking bouquet. But truth be told, even the most common flowering shrubs such as azaleas, forsythia or even rhododendrons can become wonderful resources when placed in a tall vessel.

No matter where you live, the great outdoor provides you with the most economical collection of beauty just moments from your door. Gravitate to seasonal flowers at their peak and make unexpected and jewel-like bouquets by combining colors, textures, and patterns with interesting evergreen clippings (like boxwood, holly, or anything that has great texture but doesn’t flower.)

Seasonal greenery can star in arrangements, too. A bunch of variegated hosta leaves in a simple low glass vase can even become the perfect centerpiece for a coffee table, or consider an arrangement of succulents in a low planter for something longer lasting.

Discover your outdoor “flower shop” and the inventory available, as it won’t cost you a cent. What will you create?