Back In Time

Ever since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by time travel. Any movie, book or article about the subject of moving between different points in time still makes me stop what I’m doing. One of my favorite movies about time travel is called Somewhere In Time, staring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. An unforgettable movie about how love can overcome even the obstacle of time itself. Equally memorable is the music. If you have not seen it you must! That said, I had the pleasure to dine, dance and interview Jane on my show years ago, and I tell you it was an experience of a lifetime, as we spoke in great detail about this movie, her life, and career.

Last weekend, it was my neighbor Kristin’s birthday party and the theme of the night was The Great Gatsby. For weeks we all spoke about what each of us was wearing, but being so busy the last couple of weeks I did not have time to act on my plans until that very night. Loving classic, timeless styles in clothing, and always being focused on turning back time when it comes to my own home and garden, I knew I had this outfit in the bag – or, rather, completely in my closet. From the shoes to the hat and glasses, every little detail, right down to a pocket watch. And because it was just a little chilly I draped over my shoulders my full-length beaver coat (a leftover from my skating days when the long periods of time in the rink made it very practical to own). My ensemble complete, I walked on over to the party as if each step took me back a decade at a time. When I arrived in the 1920’s, I entered the group by saying “Does anyone believe in time travel?” They were amazed that no rentals were necessary as everything came straight from my closet.

Lots of great photos where taken, some in a retro style as well (the popular camera apps on smart-phones allow even our technology to time travel!) which was perfect for capturing the mood. The night was perfect, the time and place could not have been better.

Going back in time was possible for us thanks to our host and hostess, Geoff and Kristin. They entertained under their new pergola, decorated with many lanterns and candles. The food was yummy–Asian-inspired, a big trend in the ’20’s–and they even had two period-appropriate cocktails in pitchers, ready to go: Tom Collins and Old Fashioneds. In those days, men were dapper gentlemen and women were glamorous and always beautiful. The birthday girl was especially spectacular-looking. But everyone felt transformed that evening. Being able to even go back for one night was a timeless treat!