How to make your Home feel New again!

Are you getting ready to put your house on the MARket? As we are all aware – the buyers are in charge right now! Plenty of inventory, plus the ease of on-line research, equals educated buyers. Thus, in a competitive real estate MARket, buyers are making quick decisions based upon immediate visual cues. You have lived in your home for years, and are accustomed to seeing your décor and color scheme. However, what is “just my house” to you, could have an instant negative impact, making your home look dated. Uh-oh.This is where I come in! Here are the top 5 things to update before listing your home – and you can update these pretty instantly, too.



  1. Draperies and curtains. Traditional fabric window treatments usually reflect a too-personal choice of materials. When they are needed for privacy, opt for roman shades or custom blinds. If you don’t need privacy, don’t be afraid to dare to go bare – most buyers like natural light and bright, airy rooms. It will cost almost nothing to take them down – even if you have to patch a few holes.
  2. Gold fixtures and hardware. Fortunately, decorative hardware is an easy switch-out and can quickly make the house more relevant to today’s buyers. Silver, polished nickel and brass are currently desirable. Because they’re all highly visible, you will need to change them all. Yes, this can take time, but it is a DIY project! You don’t need to hire a pro to do the job well.
  3. Colored appliances. Any kitchen can get a fast facelift with stainless appliances; the current signal of a “modern” kitchen. The key is to be consistent! You can’t just swap out one, you have to do them all. While more of an investment, this update is definitely worth the return.
  4. Ceiling fans. Ceiling fans imply the house is not comfortable in the summer!  They look dated for the simple reason they were more popular when AC was not common in homes. There are new, modern ceiling fans, in sleek materials and minimalistic designs, but if you have those tropical island fans…make the switch! Palms are a dead giveaway your home is dated. If you need to save money, don’t reinstall new fans. It is much better to have no ceiling fan than a dated one.
  5. Oak/Cherry kitchen cabinets, and countertops of square tile or formica. This was “the look” 20 to 30 years ago – no longer! Modern kitchens tend to favor light or solid colored cabinets and stone surfaces. How can you do quick fix with your cabinets? Paint! It’s the least expensive way to modernize; just don’t forget to change the hardware too. And you can even paint tile to freshen the whole room.

Please remember; what is basic and standard for you may be unusual and out-dated to others, so keep it clean, modern, and streamlined.  With a few simple swaps you will make a great first impression, turning “just looking” into “ready-to-buy”. Use these five easy updates to edit your house, and be competitive in today’s MARket!