Lime Light

Sometimes I like to invent new and fun ways to use votive candles. Votive candles are my favorite way of illuminating a dinner table, so why not add some food and fun into the mix?

I know spring has finally arrived when I see the bright color of lime on my tableware. I can’t wait a single moment as my ideas emerge from winter hibernation and onto the table.

For this project, this is what you will need:

Some small limes

Disposable tea lights

Votives that can accommodate a lime on its side

I scooped out some limes on their side. Be sure to use the disposable tea light insert as your guide when drawing the circle for size — the insert should fit snuggly. Make sure that the lime fits sideways into your votive holder. With a paring knife, carefully cut out the circle and then scoop out the lime flesh, but just enough so that the insert and the lime’s surface are the same. The green color reinforces the coming of spring and summer. Light and enjoy! Do several for a party and scatter throughout the house.

Lemons work well too, but it is harder to find lemons that are small enough to fit a votive. The bright yellow color can add spring drama to your table.

And there you have it.