A Wish Come True

It’s official: I’m the new in-house lifestyle expert and TV host for CT1 Media, a division of the Fox CT network. This new role will tap into my prior experiences as the lifestyle Guru for Good Morning Connecticut, host and executive producer on my own show, The Mar Jennings Home & Gardens Show, the home expert for the Fine Living Network and, of course, lifestyle home & garden expert and correspondent for Meredith’s Better TV, to name a few.

I posted on Facebook Tuesday the MARvelous news, and in moments the support and comments were posted with good cheer and support. These heartwarming comments are truly appreciated and will forever be cherished.

The next few months I’ll be in my full glory not only with my new partnership but with the added bonus of the holidays. I’m so excited to work extra hard to bring you, “the viewers,” the best home, garden and lifestyle segments that are always fun and entertaining with a core focus on my casual luxury brand.

That said, to start I will be hosting and producing a series of three holiday shows titled Connecticut Holiday Wishes, airing on December 3rd, 10th and 17th on the Fox CT network. These new holiday shows will compliment their already successful Holiday Wishes publications that are highly anticipated each year. And this year I’ll be a contributor to the magazine as well. More details on this and air times to come soon.

A very wise person once said to me to focus on a career that utilizes my inner gifts and passion. When I did, my inner illumination began to shine through, allowing creativity to take center stage. This wise person’s encouragement and support lives on with me today. Although he may be gone, his true spirit lives on within me.

As a child, I often recited that notable children’s poem on the first star I saw in the night sky. I remember my wish clearly and never shared it with anyone. Star light, start bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.

Now I have that guiding star, and I’ll soon have a star on my Christmas tree for my television specials. It took some time and several roads to get here, but with hard work and dedication, my wish finally came true.

I hope you’ll join me to watch it shine.