A Perfect Union

One of the biggest challenges in designing and selling a home and space is giving it life.This is exemplified when you are dealing with a new home and of course, one for sale. Today I added a little sizzle with an exciting photo shoot–and it was a result of a fantastic partnership.

The newest listing for the Mar Jennings Lifestyle Homes family of realtors is the exquisite “Union House” located at 33 Meeker Road, Westport CT. I was brought in to capitalize on my superior resources, marketing, and branding. My job was to elevate the home from something old (and lagging on the real estate market) to a fresh, exciting and new option for potential homebuyers.

A little about this glorious home: “Union House” is the product of the loving restoration of an original Georgian house (c.1800) and brand new construction that paid close homage to the original building, incorporating it seamlessly into a new and more beautiful union. This home truly has “wow factor” despite the lack of buyer interest initially. (Learn more at the link here.)

It just didn’t make sense why such a beautiful, stately home wasn’t being snapped up! I was up for the challenge and I knew exactly who to call.

I needed Lillian August Design Center, PLacelocated in Norwalk CT. They were and are my first and only choice for a project of this magnitude and importance. Truth be told, my journey in design and real estate has always been about partners. No man is an island, after all! Superior partnerships help me become a better me. No matter what role I have taken in life I never underestimate the power of resources, relationships, and brilliant people.This partnership, like my others, has historically been synonymous with huge success.

Lillian August and I shifted into high gear and created a masterpiece. Today, “Union House” is truly taking the shape it always should have had. My unique marketing plan included a professional photo shoot that will display this grand home in the manner it deserves. (It will part of their new “There’s no Place Like Lillian” campaign.) I was delighted with what I saw, as the hustle and the bustle of activity breathed new life, excitement, and interest in the home. Such great energy! It takes creative people, professional photographers, a top-notch makeup artist, models, moving men, wardrobe changes…and a whole lot of chaos. (Hey, chaos means things are popping!) The house really feels like a home.

Coordinating this marketing event was rewarding for sure, but having Lorin Klaris, the professional photographer, use my personalized mouse pad designed by my assistant–also named Lauren, as you know–was just as thrilling to me.

The photos are going to be stunning and “Union House” is to be thanked and honored for becoming the perfect backdrop for this regional ad campaign. I get to love it and live it knowing that this is just the beginning of the creative ways I’ll bring much-needed activity to this home. You can be sure I have lots more amazing plans for “Union House” as well.

Want to see more, my MARtians and come see it in person? Stay tuned to see our collaboration in the weeks to come.