A Jewelry-Wearing Guy?

Today’s modern men have rocked the fashion world when it comes to serving up great style. Men are more aware than ever of how they look, and of the image they want to project. Out the window have gone the boundaries such as “too feminine” for a man to do or wear. Men get manicures, pedicures, they buy designer clothing, and today they sport some of the best-looking jewelry.

Anything goes, as times have changed. Influences range from the ubiquitous charity bracelets to the wild and crazy jewelry-loving rocker Steven Tyler. Truth be told, recently I’ve noticed even more men getting into it: Ty Pennington, Nate Berkus, and Martyn Bullards all wear the “Man Jewelry.” And although each wears it differently, Connecticut is always with confidence and great style.

As for myself, well I’m usually known more for making trends rather than following them. But this year I decided to forgo my allusions and less-than-favorable feelings about wearing jewelry and dive right into this growing trend.

I didn’t have to look any further than my own hometown of Connecticut to discover Tanah Kalb Jewelry! Tanah began making jewelry over 30 years ago and has been featured in many fashion magazines. It was she who perfectly matched me with my new necklace.

What I like best about it is that it is adjustable. I can wear it up close to my neck or looser and concealed beneath my shirt. The all-natural leather cord holds five sterling silver charms – the clincher for why I started with a necklace rather than a ring or bracelet. Each charm represents either a person or a place I love; Tanah hand stamped the initials for a truly custom experience. Over time the leather strap will darken with wear. In fact, I’m advised that I never have to take it off as it becomes more and more interesting as it weathers. The combination of materials is aMARzingly masculine.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and discovered that wearing something like Tanah’s necklace embraces my life’s journey while reminding me what’s important.

Learn more by visiting www.tanahkalb.com. A great resource for wonderful jewelry, not just for men but women and children too. And remember, you still have time to order one for a Valentine’s gift. (Hint, hint.)

Chime in! Do you like men wearing jewelry? Do you women like jewelry on a man? I would love to hear your comments.