A Bright Future Ahead

MARtians, sometimes I truly feel like I live on Mars, and yesterday was no exception. In fact, it was an otherworldly experience.

On tap for the day, I had planned an amazing broker’s open house for my favorite new listing, “Cotton Cottage,“ circa 1920. The home is not far from my own, so I wanted to give this listing a very special debut.

I thought for a moment, and then it came to me right out of the ether and perhaps the spiritualism popular in the 1920s – get a psychic and offer free readings! Therefore, in addition to my usual special open house fare of prosecco, cookies and great vibes, I offered free psychic readings.

Well, the stars were in my favor, because the open house was jam-packed with people. Everyone admired the special staging that really elevated the house’s charm and character. It was so much fun meeting Joan and as if things weren’t going well enough, we had another special guest – News 12 Connecticut.

Psychic Joan is a special woman with a real natural sensitivity to psychic energy. She’s a medium, and she reads palms, too. Joan comes from a family gifted in this manner, so psychic phenomena is natural and not supernatural to her. I called her even though the event was a couple days away and crossed my fingers she’d be free. Even though it was a last minute inspiration, Joan was available. It was kismet.

When the big News12 van pulled up to cover our event, it was even more exciting. My creative marketing idea was a hit. We got such amazing feedback.

That’s what you get when you hire Lifestyle Realtors! Who would have seen News 12 in my future? Psychic Joan, that’s who! Thanks too, to Fairfield’s HamletHub and Mike Lauterborn. Thanks for the shout out!