20/20 about 2019

Hello MARtians, from sunny Palm Beach!

This last year has been filled with excitement and wonderful personal and professional accomplishments. With the new year being 2020 I thought it was fitting to attempt my own 20/20 vision about 2019.

It’s always good to take stock at the end of a year, and I have to say that these days social media makes it even easier to look back! It’s so quick to just start scrolling back thru the year, and wow it can be surprising to see how much is posted! (Um, guilty!) Here’s a sMARt tip: It’s easier to view lots at a glance when you log in to your accounts via laptop versus the phone!

With so many wonderful things to remember and choose from, I am taking a cue from my first book, Life on MAR’s: A Four Season Garden, and picking the most memorable event from each of the four seasons.



In January I officially launched my own real estate company, Mar Jennings Real Estate. What a wonderful moment! To make the professional accomplishment even sweeter, I sold my first listing within one day after going live on MLS, with multiple offers. That made me feel proud of course, as it underscored the power and potential of my brand, and rewarded the service level my team and I provided.



In April I once again got to be part of the Easter Parade down New York’s Fifth Avenue. Incredible responses to our outfits, and such a fun day. Who knows how we’ll top it for next year?



In June I not only was honored to attend the Emmy Awards as a nominee, but I also was asked to be a presenter. Wow, that was a truly memorable time, and everyone involved (especially Chris Panton and the Life On Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show team) made it so special.



Although it’s a really sad memory, everything else in the Autumn is overshadowed by Violet’s sudden passing. Her memory will forever be in my heart, and in many ways was the most important thing that happened this year. If you saw any of my indoor holiday decor you might recall that she was the inspiration for the color theme: the fireplace was adorned by violet and burgundy ornaments intertwining the evergreen boughs.

As I said, it was hard to choose from the avalanche of memories, but hope this gives you a glimpse into my variety of activities. I would love to hear about your favorite memories of 2019. Please share with us all!

To close, let me wish you and your families and wonderful celebration of year’s end, and may the best of everything come to you in 2020. So until next year, keep it casual!