Wish Us Luck!

There is nothing more exhilarating than being nominated for an award. When you add in that it’s an Emmy® award it gets better—especially since we will be attending the 42nd Boston/New England Emmy® Awards in Boston this weekend. And how about also adding that this is our 6th nomination? Well, things get positively electric with excitement.

But this year is (unbelievably) more special and nail biting as I’m a presenter for the very first time. I get to introduce several categories. I’m thrilled, excited and nervous to be on stage in front of everyone, but as we also will be capturing this special night for LIFE ON MAR’S: The Home Makeover Show season three. No rehearsals, just live on Saturday night. (Can’t wait till our show? Watch the entire Emmy® awards live on their feed that night:  https://www.facebook.com/newenglandemmy/ )

There are many wonderful people to thank on this journey to the Emmys®: the ABC network, my executive producers, writers, assistants and sidekicks, but there are also so many other perhaps not so obvious folks who also contribute to the success of the show and the reason why I’m here today.

The gifts bestowed onto me from a lineage of creative people, the community that has supported my brand and mission, the friends that feed the fire and drive me to reach new heights, and lastly you: all the readers of my blog, the fans from my social media platforms and the dedicated MARtians that follow me wherever I go.

Awards are certainly a representation of success, but the platform and the work is just as fulfilling and rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, I want that Emmy!!! But being nominated and participating knowing just how far I’ve come is in itself a trophy in my heart that I will always cherish proudly.

Keep us in your prayers, in your hearts, and wish us luck as this small production company is swimming in a big pond.  Rest assured we are well versed in swimming…and holding our breath.